Microsoft "ATAaaS" Private Preview program

“ATAaas” Private Preview program – General Information

Gives & Gets

Here is a short reminder of our Private Preview Program’s Gives & Gets:


- Work on production ATA deployment

- Hear your voice and work together on features/scenarios

- Provide deep-dive knowledge transfer sessions

- Share about new things that the ATA team is working on

- Help investigate suspicious activities that ATA detects

- Analyze data offline to provide new detections


- Deploy private versions of ATA in production environment

- Participate in feedback sessions

- Provide relevant data (logs, network traffic, performance counters, etc.) 

- Become a reference for analysts and other customers.

What data does “ATAaas” collect?

Microsoft will collect and store information from your configured servers (e.g. domain controllers) in a database specific to the service for administration, tracking, and reporting purposes. Information collected includes network traffic to and from domain controllers (such as Kerberos authentication, NTLM authentication, DNS queries), security logs (such as Windows security events), Active Directory information (structure, subnets, sites) and entity information (such as names, email addresses and phone numbers).

How can we help you?

First of all, you need to be quick to be registered this program. Many companies from all around the world are interested in ATAaaS so far. You need to contact to us. We need to gather some information about your environment and will register you to the program.

If you are interested in having Microsoft Advanced Threat Analytics (ATA) and more secure on-premises environment, please contact us


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