Identity and access management is increasingly at the centre of two major trends: better securing who gets access to which resources to minimise risk, and making sure that users have all the access they need to maximise business enablement.

Cost effectively and sustainably achieving those goals has eluded, and continues to elude many organizations - especially when technology decisions, business processes and organizational structure are not tightly aligned.

3T provides a set of advisory services designed to deliver a pragmatic roadmap for managing the identity lifecycle based on real-world business requirements and internal dynamics - whether it be for employees, customers or IT administrators.


Identity security is getting more attention due to the increase of compromising on-premises identities. After hybrid cloud infrastructure, on-premises identities are moved to cloud and increase security concerns. The vast majority of security breaches take place when attackers gain access to an environment by stealing a user’s identity. Over the last couple of years, attackers have become increasingly effective in leveraging third party breaches and using sophisticated phishing attacks.

When an attacker gains access to even low privileged user accounts, it is easy for them to gain access to sensitive company resources through lateral movement.

As a consequence of this, IT needs to:

Protect all identities regardless of their privilege level

Proactively prevent compromised identities from being abused

One thing that is not an easy job is discovering compromised identities. What we offer is a protection system that has been used for more than a decade.


For the last couple years the implementation of cloud services by organizations and users has grown exponentially. Our e-mail, storing systems and the tools that we use in our everyday life are no longer installed in on our work devices. This makes it possible for us to adjust the usage to cater for what we really need and to make any variations to extend it should we need to. However, we deal with additional problems when we are working with different applications from different manufacturers stored in a mysterious “Cloud”.
One of the most worrying problems we find is authentication. Who are we delegating for this task? Where are the passwords being stored? What about user information? Do I have to introduce my user and a password in every application?

Size of Projects

3T Solutions has completed many IAM projects successfully. The projects ranging from five identities to thousands of identities. Every company has received the same quality and extraordinary outcome.


You will feel the difference!

3T Solutions provides a comprehensive solution for you. Our Cloud consulting team can help discover your current state, requirements, business goals and suitability to move to a Hybrid Identity environment. If you need more information, please contact us.







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