Business in the 21st century is operating in a completely new reality. The innovative technology is rapidly changing the way enterprises function. In recent years, more workers are bringing their smartphones and tablets to the workplace and are expecting to use these personal devices alongside their corporate devices. While organizations generally understand that mobile email and other mobile applications increase productivity and employee satisfaction, supporting a wide variety of device types and platforms would be complex an introduce security risks and high costs. A turnkey enterprise mobility solution has become increasingly important to address challenges resulting from “Bring Your Own Device” (BYOD) initiatives and the consumerisation of IT.

Microsoft Enterprise Mobility + Security (EMS) is built for small and medium sized businesses.

Microsoft’s EMS solution is designed to provide businesses with enhanced security, productivity, and peace of mind, reassuring customers that business data is traveling safely with employees wherever they go. EMS works well with Office 365 to ensure that businesses of all sizes can stay secure and improve employee productivity while working with a mobile strategy.

Mobile security with EMS

According to research firm Gartner, the entire global workforce is connected with the enterprise through some or other form of mobile device. The wide spread adaption of Smart phones and Tablets has already proliferated the business space. The Enterprise Mobile Device Management (MDM) through cloud technology enables business leaders and on site executives to have anytime-anywhere access to business data for quick decision making and better customer servicing without compromising on security.  Mobility on Cloud is thus enabling SMEs to reap the technology benefits which were initially a privilege available to large corporations only.

  • Business anywhere – Whether in the office, café, train, or home – employees work from anywhere, but how safe is their device? Anybody could be peeking over their shoulder, tapping into the untrusted and poorly-secured WIFI, or planning to steal their device.
  • Stolen laptop – An employee’s device has been stolen containing sensitive customer data and, despite asking employees to choose strong passwords, 123Password is not going to stop unwanted hands getting into their data.
  • Cybercrime - Employees might think small businesses could slip under the radar of organised cybercrime, but it’s not true.

Small businesses have valuable data and many clients who do work with them will need reassurance that their data is protected and safe

  • Control – Who has access to what? Applications and data within businesses needs to be managed. But how do you do this without disrupting productivity?
  • Contractors – For some small businesses, the ability to spin up teams remotely andwork from any location has created a huge competitive advantage. What happens when employees no longer need that contractor, but they still have access to all your business applications and data?

With Microsoft’s EMS, employers can reset a PIN or delete sensitive data remotely in a few clicks. EMS also allows users to attach encryption and rights management rules to business data to help prevent unauthorised access and use.

Protect your business in a mobile world:

  • Protect data on mobile devices for peace of mind that a lost/ stolen device is not a disaster for your business.
  • Give employees easy, protected access to connect the right people to the right information resources.
  • Easily manage devices and apps, and get control over the mobile devices and apps your employees use at work.
  • Protect shared information, and protect your sensitive business information wherever it goes.
  • Strengthen access security and go beyond the password for added protection.

The implementation of mobile technology in businesses is growing, and so are the benefits. In a study of how mobility benefits businesses...

77% say it helps drive business growth

61% say it boosts productivity

63% say it increases efficiency

Mobile devices offer greater flexibility than ever before, but it’s difficult to know whether company data is safe. Employees want the flexibility to work on the devices they choose, whether personal or company-owned.

3T provides comprehensive enterprise mobility management (EMM) solutions that combine mobile device management (MDM) and mobile application management (MAM) with enterprise file sharing and syncing (EFSS). These solutions empower employees to work from anywhere while providing full granular security and a compelling user experience on any of the major mobile platforms while providing a consumer-like corporate app store with self-service features.

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