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Problem, Problem, Problem

You have so many problems with your existing infrastructure, Different vendors, maintenance agreements, huge space requirement, more skill and expertise for each platform, separate configuration for each device but you must find best harmony and performance for all infrastructure... What about cloud integration, hybrid model? Some of you need more capacity but doesn't know how much capacity you need. Unexpected growth is head of you and you don't know what to do. These, above and below, are all common problems any IT team have today.

  • A traditional infrastructure is built out of individual units; separate storage, application servers, networking and backup appliances that are interlinked
  • Each unit must be configured individually
  • Each component is managed individually; usually, that requires a team of IT experts, each specialized in a different field
  • Sometimes, each unit comes from a different vendor, therefore support and warranty are managed individually
Can All Be Fixed?

Yes, all of them can be fixed and your team can focus on improving other issues you have rather than spending time for those problem. Easy configuration, easy firmware upgrade, easy scaling up, more collaboration, less space, less cost, less vendors to deal, more data protection and so on. These are the some of the benefits you can provide to your business and improve productivity, sustainability while reducing cost, down time.

  • Simplified management: a hyper-converged infrastructure unifies management in a single simple interface, allowing the rest of your IT team to focus on proactive parts of the business.
  • Reduced costs and increased efficiency: lower costs of purchasing and management are achieved; they can go as far as 50% lower.
  • Increased agility and faster deployment: allows much faster deployment of new infrastructure for new business applications.
  • Data protection: improved data protection mechanisms thanks to the tight integration of components.
Your System, Your Success!

We saw entire IT team is the key success center of the business, spend less time managing legacy equipment while allocating more time improving other bottlenecks. You will have entire system ready for future changes, requirement rather than causing a delay for business needs. IT teams with Hyper-Converged Infrastructure have proactive approach and high-available system. So, next success story is waiting for you.

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