We want you to win and lead your organization to success


Therefore, we have created EOFYWIN for you and your organization. With this deal, you will always win. We are aware of some of licenses and hardware cannot be purchased in this time frame. So, If you have any license/hardware that needs to be purchased between 30 June 2019 and 31 October 2019, please let us know until June 30 2019 and we will secure your deal!!!


Any licenses or hardware or service that we can offer below, you will secure the deal with us until end of this financial year (FY 2018-2019), you will be eligible to get one of below Giftcard/Tablet/Training options.


Please find the conditional winning conditions below.

1- To be eligible for Giftcard on this deal, customers must be valid ABN holders. Purchases made by non-ABN holders are invalid.

2- Your organization must be in Australia.

3- Only approved purchase orders will receive conformation email after 30 June 2019 to choose the price.

4- Total amount of all purchases between June 1st to June 30th 2019 will be counted as one transaction for each organization.

5- If you secure a future deal (purchase process must be completed between July 1st and October 31st 2019) with us, we will process all your purchases end of October 2019 and proceed your promotion after November 1st 2019.

5- This deal is valid on only products are in our portofilo. Please see the products vendors we can offer to you below. There are other products that we can offer to your organization. If you let us know the vendor and product name, we may add it to your list. This additional product requires approval from management team.




 Purchase Price
Between $500-$999 $20 Giftcard
Between $1000-$2499 $40 Giftcard
Between $2500-$4999 $75 Giftcard
Between $5000-$9999 $125 Giftcard
Between 10.000-$19.999 $250 Giftcard
Between $25.000-$49.999 $400 Giftcard or Samsung Tab A 10.1 - 32GB - WIFI
Between $50.000-$99.999 $600 Giftcard or Samsung Tab A 10.5 - 32GB - WIFI
Between $100.000-$249.999 $750 Giftcard or IPad Air 64GB WIFI
More than $250.000

$1000 Giftcard or Microsoft*/AWS Fundamental** Training (1 Day)


* Microsoft training is Microsoft AZ-900T01 – Microsoft Azure Fundamentals (1 Day) or Microsoft MS-900T01 – Microsoft 365 Fundamentals.

** AWS training is AWS Technical Essentials (1 Day) or AWS Business Essentials (1 Day).

Note: The training centre hasn't been selected yet but this training may NOT be held in your region. We will select a licensed training centre which has branch offices in main cities in Australia


Our vendors are Microsoft (except CRM), VMware, AWS, Mimecast, DellEMC, IBM Security, Lenovo, HP, Veeam, Sophos, Symantec, TrendMicro, DarkTrace, ForcePoint, Cisco, Meraki, Fortinet,


For more information, please contact to us

Offer is valid between 1 June 2019 and 30 June 2019 only.

Please check our Techmail promotion terms and conditions