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Why do you need a strong backup strategy?

According to reports from tech industry leaders such as Cisco and Microsoft, cyber-attacks against businesses of all sizes are on the rise and doing more damage than ever. In fact, if you review Cisco’s 2017 Annual Cybersecurity Report, you will see that the numbers related to ransomware and other attacks are quite alarming. From this report and others, we also learn that businesses have a lot more to lose than just data or money during an attack. Consider for a moment these sobering facts:

  • More than half of all businesses that are victims of a cyber-attack or data breach are subsequently subject to public scrutiny and suffer losses in brand reputation, customer loyalty, and customer trust.
  • 29 percent of businesses that are victims of attacks lose revenue, and nearly 40 percent of those businesses lose more than 20 percent of total revenues.
  • Among companies that suffer attacks or breaches, nearly a quarter of them lose significant business opportunities following the data-loss event.
  • More than 20 percent of businesses that experience data loss or suffer a cyber-attack lose customers as well. And, 40 percent of those companies lose more than 20% of their customers.

These are just few facts that's why you must have a strong backup strategy. Not only attacks but also hardware failure, accidentally deleted files need to be considered of backup strategy.  

Worried About Your Data?
If you want to protect your company, you need to understand the most common data loss vulnerabilities
  • Physical Disaster
  • Hardware Failure
  • Ransomware Attack
  • Accidentally Deleted Files
  • Virtual Disk/Server Corruption
  • Hacker Attack
  • Virus
  • Wrong Configuration
Proactive Action
Know how to protect your data
Tomorrow may be too late to implement essential rules that make you safe
  • Train your management and employees
  • Create a Backup Strategy
  • Consultant to an Expert
  • Limit access to administrator account and sensitive data
  • Implement 3-2-1 Backup Strategy
  • Consider Email backup
  • Fast Recovery
  • Data Deduplication
Keep doing what you do
Backup is not a one-time solution. You need to maintain regularly and improve it consistently.
  • Make sure everyday backup running
  • Run Recovery Tests
  • Make sure that Backup Jobs are up to date
  • Don't forget to add new Technologies
  • Learn new Security attacks, problems and protection products
  • At least once in a year, run a full test
  • Consider Cloud backup