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Not Enough

The world is changing and technology is leading the change. Right now, customers are expecting your service is available 24/7 and no delay is tolerated. You know what the monitoring is and you have a solution in place. However, you are feeling that this is not enough anymore and you need more than that. Not only measuring CPU, Memory utilisation but also watch everything from end-user device to web server than to database and all network path is necessary.

There is no issue traditional server monitoring. It is working fine more than decades and it will continue working but is it really enough to understand issue quickly, to solve the problems before it is affecting your core business or to prevent customer dissatisfaction? 

What Can Do Better?

Can the monitoring tool really do better than what we have so far? The answer is yes and it is not hard and expensive as you think anymore. Infrastructure monitoring is not enough anymore. You need additional tools that watch over your workloads, entire path from end-user device (Including IoT devices) to storage. it checks your application code, Java, HTML, SQL queries, APIs, telecom vendors, Network devices, Servers, virtualization, Storage.

1. Improve application performance: Application Performance Management proactively monitors and provides diagnostic insights into applications across mobile, web, cloud, microservices, containers and mainframe. Patent-pending analytics provides expertise in the form of guided assisted triage workflows for in-depth, root-cause diagnostics across development and production applications, simplifying and speeding the time it takes to find and fix issues. Application Performance Management scales to your organization’s needs and automatically correlates multiple sources of data to help you sort through the data and act decisively, helping to improve user experience and application performance.

2. App analytics for real-time insights into real user behavior: Use dynamic, contextual dashboards to optimize your entire digital user experience. Customize your dashboards to gain specific insight. Even view user activity via video session playbacks, with heatmaps to monitor performance, spot problems and accurately track usage.

3. Improve digital performance: Employ advanced crash analytics to quickly determine which apps are experiencing problems on which platforms, devices, carriers and versions. Then view complete performance metrics to accurately establish if the issue is with your design, code or infrastructure.

4. Monitor app performance from mobile to the mainframe: View end-to-end performance of mobile and wearable apps all the way to back-end systems—including mainframe and the cloud—to address incidents before they impact your user experience. Utilize app analytics to continually monitor and measure key performance metrics.

5. Design for the experience: Optimize your business outcomes by understanding usage metrics, user engagement, user activity and retention. And use code-level visibility into issues, activity logs and real user data to improve the quality and value of your next app version.

Become a Success Factor!

You can really provide best IT environment to your business, colleagues, customers, vendors and you can become a success factor of your company.

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